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Kereenasgrimoire.com has been offline for over a decade. During this absence, I have continued my studies as a Solitary Wiccan, expanded my knowledge, and just lived my life. It has taken a long time for me to get to a place where I truly feel whole and at peace, and only now am I able to return to the internet with new insights, information and practice tips for those seeking authentic Wiccan resources.

In the days of the original website, my counsel and the resources I provided, had grown something of a following. It gave me great joy to help others, but it became overwhelming. Kereenasgrimoire had grown too big too fast and at that level of my practice, I was ill equipped to keep up. Corporate sponsors wanted ad space, cries for help were coming to me from across the globe, and sceptics were on the attack. It was tiring. It was draining. I no longer had the time or state of mind to progress in my studies.

Some people think I was crazy to walk away from a successful website. What they did not understand, was that, for me, Kereenasgrimoire was not about being successful or making money. It was about helping others. It was about giving, learning, and being a positive influence. It was about sending positive energy into an ever-jaded world.

Over time, I will once again make my resources available through Kereenasgrimoire. This blog will be where I post my thoughts and ideas for new practice methods, notices about site updates, and answers to questions that come my way. If you wish to discuss Wicca, witchcraft, or life in general, please comment. To send private messages email: kereena@kereenasgrimoire.com. I will try to answer each either directly or through the blog.


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