Another important cornerstone of Wicca is knowledge. Knowledge about everything. Not only about Paganism and its history, but about different religions and cultures. Knowledge about our entire world from the microscopic to the tallest mountain. Knowledge about our solar system outward to the farthest reaches of the universe (or multi-verse). The more we know about what is around us, the more we understand what is inside us.

We are all connected.

At first, you may not understand why studying the works of Cézanne, for instance, is important to Wicca, but think of how much energy Cézanne channelled to create his masterpieces. See how he chose to use his energy to influence the world. The same goes for literature and poetry, theatre, dance, music, and even the work of simple craftspeople who by hand weave traditional blankets and cloth. It all contributes positively to society.

Along with all those positive contributions however, we also need to learn about the negative. History does repeat if we allow it. Atrocities happen, whether one sick person perpetrates it or an entire government is irrelevant. Not only is it in our best interest to stand against it, it is our moral obligation to. How you stand against it is up to you, but stand we all must.

Some of the ways I try to add positively to the world:

  • give to the local food bank
  • donate to charities who’s goals are to help the weakest in our society
  • crochet blankets and give clothes (old and new) to the Salvation Army
  • add my voice to organizations who are fighting inequality and those who speak out against dictatorial regimes and the erosion of our rights
  • work spells and dedicate my meditation sessions to resolving different issues

Every effort counts and we must find ways to contribute. The more we understand about the connections between all things, the better able we are to influence them. So, every day, strive to learn about something you do not understand.

Expand your knowledge outward and inward.


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