Daily Observances

Quick Meditation:

Find a comfortable place to sit, where you can keep your back straight and the distractions of the world cannot reach you. Let your eyelids droop, but not close. If you are using a candle, focus on the flame and watch how it moves.

Breathe through your nose and keep it natural. Do not try to control it, just feel the air entering and exiting your body. Concentrate on that feeling and try your best not to let your mind wander. This is your opportunity to let go of all the problems and tasks that face you. Each time your mind wanders, pull it back to your breathing and think of nothing else.

It may take practice, but once you are able to concentrate on the feeling of your own breath your mind will start to open up. You will gain clarity and peace.

If you can do this at least once a day, you will start to discover the other benefits of meditation. Problems in your life start to become easier to solve, you will feel happier and your relationships will improve as a result.


Meditation with Purpose:

Meditation is an excellent method through which we can focus our energies on specific tasks. When the world drops away and all that is left is our purpose we can direct our energy to positively influence outcomes or find new solutions to problems that have plagued us.

As in the “Quick Meditation,” sit comfortably with your back straight. If you wish, you may cross your legs, but if this is uncomfortable for you, it is not necessary. Close out the rest of the world: shut your windows, leave pets in another room and turn off the phone.

Let your eyelids droop, but not close. Use a candle if it helps you relax.

Breathing naturally through your nose, begin by concentrating on the feeling of the air entering and exiting your body. Do not let your mind wander, just let go of the things that stress you.

Once you feel your mind open up and peace pervades your body, begin to concentrate on the specific situation you want to influence, or the problem you are trying to resolve.

If you are trying to help a friend find love, for instance, direct those emotions toward them. If they wish the attention of another, picture them together with the one they are interested in. Picture the energy of love flowing through them both, connecting them.

If it is a problem you are trying to solve, deconstruct it in your mind. Look at the causes, who it affects, and let your open mind absorb it. Stay relaxed and let the answers come to you. This may take several sessions, or only one, but taking the problem apart also helps you minimize it. Smaller parts are generally easier to tackle.

Use this meditation to gain a better understanding of yourself. Honestly and openly, examine your behaviour and motivations. Seek to understand your emotions. Identify triggers that spark aggression, jealousy and anger and learn to control them. You will find that inner peace and happiness is not as far away as you think.